osuchi diary: March 7, 1998

I let CountryMouse talk me into hatching an osuchi to go along with the mesuchi she wanted to hatch this afternoon. After reading the instructions, laughing at the various things on the packaging (I wonder just what Dr. Banzo is saying with his face all red like that?) and taking a few deep breaths, we both pulled our tabs at the same time.

Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a klutz, so I accidentally set the osuchi about six minutes into the future and had to back him up after I'd figured out how to do it. (Hey, this is the first virtual pet I've hatched this year, so give me a little break, okay?)

Life started fairly regularly for Umao (and yes, he does eat like a horse), as far as I can tell... a little Hershey-kiss looking babytchi stage. I noted with some alarm, after about 45 minutes, that he was sick; I treated him with medicine (which does not, interestingly enough, display any sort of actual medicine; the doctoring just takes place) and just a little while later he turned into a vague blobby shape with ... a mohawk!

Unfortunately, I've had a long, exhausting week, and I fell asleep. Poor Umao went mostly neglected; CountryMouse took care of him when she heard him, but I believe she was busy with Ushiko and her own web pages. (Speaking of web pages, I haven't updated this or any of my pages in a very, very long time; this may be the impetus I need to get it in gear.) I promised to put up an osuchi page of my own to match her mesuchi page, so here this is. Okay, okay, so it's not as flash as her pages are.

I'm collecting things from the web to help me with a few things: reading about osumesus, grabbing a new FTP client and a Japanese text editor (okay, so I'm nowhere even near technically competent, or even near a babytalking stage, but I'm trying to learn!), an HTML editor (I've obviously already got that), some other things -- maybe even that tamagotchi animation generator I've heard so much about.

This should be fun.

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