osuchi diary:

March 8, 1998: Umao woke up just as I was experimenting with making my own tamagotchi cartoon pictures for illustrations on the web site, so, without much further ado, here's his portrait for today:

Umao as a darling little baby...how cute!

Okay, okay, I never said I was an artist, but it's kind of fun and I won't be stealing anyone else's pictures.

Despite my neglect last night, he woke up with only one hungry heart and everything else okay.

(five minutes later) Okay, he was just crying for attention without wanting to do anything, so poor Umao got scolded.

(in the afternoon) Been a rather uneventful day, other than catching up on my tamagotchi-l e-mail and everything else that needed to get done net-wise. Umao's been quiet; although I've been a bit more solicitous than I have of other virtual pets -- often feeding and playing before asked because both are so quick and easy, the flag game being pretty brainless -- he hasn't really beeped for attention often. He has sulked several times, however, but since what he usually wants in that situation is a game -- no problem!

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