osuchi diary: March 9, 1998

Last night we had thunderstorms with lightning. This was going on as I was walking home from watching the X-Files with CountryMouse (aside: is anyone else as impatient with "arc" episodes as I am?). When I was almost home, I realized I had left Umao at the Mouse's house ... and didn't want to risk walking in the lightning back to get him.

However, I had taken a vacation day today -- because soon I will be in a software development cycle and on a pretty tight schedule, unable to take any time off for a few months -- and I was able to get poor Umao. (Well, the Mouse took good care of him, as you might expect.) As of, er, right now, he's a slightly-large 45 ounces at 2 years old and at 75% on discipline. No transformation yet.

Tomorrow will be his first day at work with me. I don't want to pause him and cause any sort of timing problems with Ushiko; but I don't want him to beep during any project design meetings either, so I will probably have his sound turned off and I'll just have to remember to check him every once and again.

(6:30 pm) Well, he changed during the last five minutes of an excruciatingly bad Hong Kong kung-fu movie (which was sold as a Jackie Chan movie; it's from 1974 and he has a small supporting role as the bad guy's head henchman, and very few action moments; plus he has this big "mole" (read grease-paint smear) on his face) and became a hawainochi! In other words, super-energetic, cheerful, and always in a hurry. Taking care of him may be an adventure.

I'll do a portrait of him when I get on a computer that has a correctly-functioning mouse.

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