osuchi diary: March 10, 1998

I know I should probably just keep my big mouth shut and I'm probably going to get some angry letters (and/or phone calls, if fleur reads this!) but I accidentally left poor Umao at home today -- marking the second day in a row I've left him behind. All morning while I was getting dressed I kept thinking "okay, I should get Umao" ... "okay, I've got my pants on now, I should put Umao in my pocket" ... "maybe he'd like this little compartment in my satchel" ... "there's nothing sharp in this jacket pocket" ... and then I think that "ohmigod!it's7:16andIcanseethebusdownthestreetandIgottago!" overwhelmed these thoughts.

I just hope -- for his sake and for mine -- that he's okay when I get home!

(5:58 pm) Umao weathered his day home alone just fine. He even had one happy heart left full after the experience...just from what, I don't know. He was shuffling back and forth, hopping, on one side of the screen, while on the other...well, it looked kind of like this:

Umao with three

poos! Eep!

But I cleaned him up right quick, and played a few games and gave him food and snacks...and now he's just as happy and hyper as ever! :)

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