osuchi diary: March 12, 1998

March 12, 1998:Today was extremely busy at work, so I didn't have a chance to update from there like I did yesterday.

Umao changed late last night -- almost at his last form's bed-time -- into a pretty cute Bunbuchi. Here's his current portrait:

Cute bunbuchi!

I know, it doesn't look like the "official" Bunbuchi pic, but I just draws 'em like I see 'em.

He's been pretty quiet today. During my 4-hour meeting this morning I took him out from time to time to check on him, causing some commotion at the meeting table. "You have to understand," I told everyone. "If something happens to him someone will probably kill me!" ;-)

Oh, and I checked out of idle curiosity -- when I selected the "Mate" icon, he started bouncing back and forth like a madman. I guess he's ready. (Ushiko, however, has not changed yet...)

(later) Eep! Oops! I have a habit of raising fat tamagotchi; usually, the game is a lot harder than on the osuchi and I don't have the patience to play it a lot. But a game on the osu takes about ten seconds to complete 5 to 0, so I don't mind it so much. I am still in the habit of feeding 'em lots of snacks, though.

This can be bad, though; when Umao hit 99 oz, the screen flashed and the osuchi burbled, and then all I could see was this...

One big fat

puffy-cheeked face!

Yep, he turned into one GIGANTIC face filling the screen, with large puffy cheeks. No body, no neck, not even a top of the head or a chin, just a truly huge face. I played the game with him 10 times, bringing him down to 89 oz, and the screen burbled again and he was back to his adorable (but still kinda large) bunbuchi self.

A quick excercise regimen brought him down to a more reasonable but still kinda big 70 oz, where I plan to keep him hovering. I don't want his face to get stuck like that!

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