osuchi diary: March 14, 1998

No update yesterday; I guess I was kind of busy. This morning, however, both Ushiko and Umao were, er, "of-age", so we decided to see if we could get them together.

I put some mood music on (Vangelis' "Oceanic"). The Mouse fetched a board so that the two of them would be comfortable. With the two joined together, they slid off the screen -- apparently to meet each other and talk for a time before making a decision. When they came back, both of them said "OK". (I knew it would be a good match.)

Then, many things happened in quick succession...they both looked happy. The screen dimmed and then lightened. Ushiko looked fairly pensive, while Umao stood at the opposite edge of his screen and just looked grimacey and nervous. Then, after a little bit, a baby appeared -- small, round, and definitely with his father's ears -- and Umao went nuts, bouncing about the screen continuing to look worried and happy all at the same time.

Then, the second child was born, and after both parents rejoiced a while, one joined Umao. That was our signal to seperate the eggs. These second-generation tamagotci will not meet again until they are adults themselves.

And now, the end result...

Umao and his son


Poppa Umao-mao...

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