osuchi diary: March 16, 1998

I did a lot of sleeping yesterday, so there hasn't been an update in a little while...

Little Malachite the telechi is doing just fine. So is Umao, surprisingly; I thought he was due to leave yesterday, after the second day with his child, but the doting father has stayed another day.

There's one hidden downside to having two on the screen at once: twice as much poo! Especially with me falling asleep yesterday, both Umao and Malachite have been getting sick quite often. (The little bitty skull for Malachite's illness was quite cute, however.) In fact Malachite got sick 1 minute before bedtime last night -- making me a little angry. (I didn't yell, however.)

Other than that it is fun; kind of like a realization of the old rumor of tamagotchi twins (please, don't throw bricks at me for bringing it up, okay?), except much much cuter. I like seeing the two of them doing things together; it is a very fun pet, more fun than anything, I think, since dino-kun.

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