osuchi diary: March 20, 1998

Yowch, there hasn't been an update in a while, has there? Tuesday morning Umao left for home, leaving poor Malachite all alone, asleep in his box with the lights on! Needless to say, all his hearts were empty after he woke up, which was quite disturbing. I have no idea why Umao turned the light on before he left.

On Wednesday, Malachite turned into a petitchi (quite cute!). This stage of his development was pretty uneventful. Early this morning, he turned into a morichi, who likes science fiction and aims to see every SF movie on earth before he returns. Hey, I think I can help him with that. :) The little spacey-thinking/dream bubbles over his head are just too cute!

I am working on the family tree for this osumesu pair (no, really I am!), a large affair with lots of pictures. I haven't had time to draw any other pics for the page this week, though that should change this weekend...

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