osuchi diary: March 31, 1998

I know, I know; there hasn't been an update in seven million years. So shoot me. (Or no, please don't.)

In any case, Malachite and Zoycite were mated about a week ago now. Their union resulted in to cute li'l petit-choco-chis, who after much deliberation we named "Milk" and "Honey". (It wasn't my first choice, but they're fine names.)

Since then, Honey has turned into a cut li'l propeller-chi who is very very quiet -- just about the quietest and nicest-to-take-care-of character I've gotten yet. I even accidentally left the lights on on him last night, and didn't turn them out until this morning and he only lost two hearts.

Over the weekend, I left him with fleur while I did catastrophic house cleaning. There's an echo in my apartment now (well, in the non-carpeted rooms at least). I also got in a bit of playing Saga Frontier, although Honey's been around for quite a bit more of that than he hasn't. (Did that make any sense?)

At any rate, expect more updates in April, and perhaps a new diary...after all, I did get a morino-tamagotch for my birthday :)

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