osuchi diary: April 12, 1998

Special afterlife update!

Well, we made quite an interesting discovery. Honey died during the day, and I was left with nothing but a bleak cemetary landscape to remember him by. Well, later that night, fleur called me into the other room to see something...Honey's ghost! Apparently, osuchi and mesuchi do have an afterlife -- but their ghosts are only visible between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am. They don't like the sun, apparently.

The ghost looks much like the original tamagotchi ghost, complete with the little hat. I'll have an updated picture later, when I have reference material to draw from. Since Milk and Honey didn't get to be together in life, we thought they may as well be able to commune in the after-life -- they're sitting next to each other on a shelf in fleur's apartment. (Milk's ghost has little pigtails.)

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