ABBA and the earlier line-ups for Morning Musume are my two favorite singing groups. As for individual singers my favorites are Avril Lavigne and Mylene Farmer.

My top five favorite ABBA songs are:

1. Cassandra
2. Fernando
3. The Winner Takes It All
4. The Piper
5. Eagle

I know full well there are many well-done ABBA sites out there. This will be more own feelings about ABBA and ABBA-related things.

This section will be for ABBA as a group. I have separate sections for Agnetha and Frida, also.

Agnetha main page

Frida main page

My reviews of books about ABBA and its Members

Abba Gold
ABBA & Mamma Mia
ABBA to Mama Mia
ABBA: Thank You For the Music
ABBA The Scrapbook
ABBA: Sing 8 Smash Hits with a Professional Band
Abba Unplugged
Bright Lights, Dark Shadows
Mamma Mia: How Can I Resist You?
The Complete Guide to their Music

My reviews of ABBA albums and CDs and DVDs

Some of these will be orignial albums, and some re-releases with extra tracks.

ABBA: The Music Still Goes On
Dream On
Dream On Too
Gold DVD
Little White Secrets
More Gold
Ring Ring
Spotlight on ABBA
Super Trouper
Thank You For the Music
The Visitors

My reviews of ABBA-related albums

Abba Gold
Instrumental ABBA
Mama Mia soundtrack
The Munich Orchestra Plays ABBA Classics


Abba in Concert
Mama Mia movie

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