Audio Recordings

Recordings include Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, The Hunting of the Snark and others

2:29:44. Male narrator.

Alice in Wonderland read by Sally Field

3:8:44. Female narrator. Audio book is in German.

Alice in Blunderland.

1:56:41. Male narrator. One of many Libri Vox recordings.

1:06:05. Female narrator. Sounds like she was in an empty room.

1:41:00. Young girl narrator.

2:58.53 Female narrator.

2:31:50 Male narrator.

3:39:06. Female narrator.

2:44:41 Male narrator.

26:30.Female narrator Mad Hatters Tea Party

2:47:30. Female narrator.

2:47:30. Female narrator.

2:39:18 Male narrator..

2:47.29. Female narrator.

2:43:43. Female narrator.

2:43:23 Female narrator. .

38:58. Female narrator.

2:32:03. Female narrator.

2:32:03. Female narrator..

2:31:28. Male narrator.

2:58:53. Female narrator.

2:47:27 Female narrator.

1:20:55. Alice's Adventures Under Ground. Male narrator.

2:16:47. Read by John Gielgud.

3:24:27. Through the Looking Glass. Male narrator.

3:19:41. Male narrator. Libri Vox recording.

2:32:00. Female narrator.

Jabberwocky.1:30. Male narrator. Musical background.

2:32:00. Female narrator.

This is done in three parts and is read by C.S. Lewis.

This is a six-part recording by Ann Stephens.

Jabberwocky, man talking to daughter.

Man reciting Jabberwocky.

Animated version of Jabberwocky.

University of Utah singers doing great job.

Jabberwocky read by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Jabberocky poem.

Jabberwocky read by Neil Gaiman.

Hunting of the Snark lecture.

Trailer of animated Hunting of the Snark movie.

Man reading the poem.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland audiobook

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