Body and Soul

There are three themes going on in this movie. In one there is the mystery of a giant Newcomer and what appears to be a cross between a human and an Newcomer (such a thing would really upset the Purists.). A weapons test on Earth goes wrong and sets the giant Newcomer and the possible hybrid free. The people running the place are connected to someone who had worked for the government. An evil Tectonese doctor is involved at least partly.

The young Tectonese is able to psychically communicate with Albert at the police station.

The second theme concerns Matt and Cathy who are attending a class on how Newcomers and humans can have sex together safely. Matt tries to have sex with her but he's not prepared and he gets injured. George at work can tell just what happened.

The third theme involves around the possibility that the child is a hybrid. This would really set off the Purists and could lead to a great deal of anti-Newcomer violence.

Buck has become a very, very bigoted person. An intensely evil Tectonese known as Chorboke is also involved. His second-in-command is revealed and it's a shock to George and Matt. A Newcomer scientist who has helped both humans and Newcomers is found to have a very dark past on the ship.

It's a very good movie, again saying a lot about prejudice but also about how the government will let war criminals off the hook if they turn over the results of their experiments and work for the government, just as was done with Nazi scientists at the end of World War II and the Japanese war criminals involved with unit 731.

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