Carrier (unfilmed movie script)

This is the last movie script I've been able to find and it was never filmed.

The movie opens in a run-down part of Little Tencton. A Newcomer male is assaulted by other Newcomer males, just as if he were a female. A Newcomer prostitute sees what is happening. Police arrive before things get totally out of control.

Cathy and Matt are sort of in preliminary stages of making out. Cathy talks about another human/Newcomer couple who had asked a doctor if they could actually have a baby. Apparently it's not impossible.

A human gets a Newcomer landlady to let him into the apartment of two Newcomers who he has a disagreement with, but finds one of them dead.

The Newcomer male from the opening is in a rape crisis center. Buck is there (for some reason) and is able to work with the male and get him to relax a little. At the murder scene it's determined that the Newcomer wife is not there; the dead guy is the husband, and the wife was pregnant and the husband was almost ready to receive the pod.

Buck apparently is taking school courses on-line from various universities in different countries. Buck talks to the attacked Newcomer (Herman), and it's possible that he knew Buck's grandmother. There's also a really great line in the script:

”The reason we are created is to add whatever we can to the beauty in the universe. No matter how hard things may be, if we can add to the beauty rather than to the ugliness, we have won.”

Apparently Vessna is talking now.

George and Sikes question a Newcomer woman. They find out that the murdered Newcomer never received a pod, that some kind of intermediary as used. George reacts badly to this. George gets mad about how humans treat sex so casually. Buck is apparently working, at least part time, at a Newcomer Cultural Center. The woman running it thinks Buck is out of touch with the Newcomer community and doesn't appreciate the things he's been talking about relating to spirituality.

Buck takes Herman to a Newcomer temple. Herman tells Buck he's a carrier but that doesn't make any difference to Buck. The elder at the temple does not want Herman inside. Buck tries to talk to the elder. The elder wants Buck to leave and he does.

Sikes and George are finding out the murdered Newcomer was part of a couple that was fleecing Newcomers with phony deals.

Herman takes Buck to a warehouse. A couple Newcomer prostitutes greet Herman. He also has a Newcomer baby there. George and Matt talk to a Newcomer pimp to try and find a carrier/yedarko. The pimp tells George that more and more Newcomer males are using yedarko's rather than cramp their careers.

Apparently Herman stole the baby. He claims it's his. George and Matt take Herman into custody on suspicion of murder.

Buck is at the police station. George tries to ask him some questions but he's defiant and then leaves. Matt and George talk and George reveals that he and Susan, for some reason, used a yedarko on the ship.

The scene shifts to some kind of “rec room” for slaves on board the ship. George's brother has a mate but they used the drug that causes artificial bonding.

There's an earth scene and then another flashback to the rec room. Couples could have sex there in special chambers.

Cathy and Matt are seeing if it is possible for them to have a child. During this talk with a doctor we find out that Tencton orbits a double sun and has three major moons. Environmental conditions were unstable, which led to at least some of the adaptability of the Tenctonese. A lot of this was done through genetic engineering.

It appears Matt has a lot of things to think about.

There's another on-ship scene with Susan and a different Newcomer being led into a chamber by an Overseer.

Buck goes back to the temple, still angry that they treated Herman so bad, and then leaves, apparently never to return.

Then there's shifting of scenes between Buck being on the beach where, in a regular episode, Uncle Moodri walked into the salt water, and more scenes of George and Susan on the slaveship. Herman is holding a baby and a woman appears and he's afraid of her.

Vessna is already in preschool and talks quite a bit. Meanwhile, the woman with Herman is the biological mother of the child and wants it back. Apparently she plans to sell the baby.

The woman admits she was the one who murdered her husband. She and Herman fight and Herman ends up shooting her.

Cathy and Matt are talking and Matt finds out male Newcomers do breast-feed their babies.

One of the Newcomer prostitutes is going to help the police nail the humans who have been buying Newcomer babies.

The woman lives and George and Matt question her. She lies about what happened. Later Buck goes to pick up Herman after he calls him.

Herman attacks George but in the end he is handcuffed.

George and Matt question Herman. Then they find out the sting with the Newcomer prostitute worked and they caught the human who was buying the Tenctonese babies.

In all of this there has also been reference made to a child that Susan and George had that was taken away from them and which they never saw again.

The temple elder leader comes to their house and says Buck is very special and would have been a spiritual leader on their own planet.

There's a ceremony at George's house for the baby, Herman and the two Tenctonese prostitutes who are all apparently going to be allowed to keep the baby.

A scene with Cathy and Matt shows that they are really getting closer in all ways.


The movie would have been a moderately complex one to produce. Basic themes include Cathy and Matt's relationship, George's and other Tenctonese prejudice against the yedarko (which is similar to the prejudice against the Eeno (The Enemy Within), Bucks growing maturity, and the selling of babies.

The flashback scenes in the ship would have been very interesting (although they would have run the budget for the episode.)

I think it would have made an interesting episode, or two.

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