Chains of Love

A male Newcomer meets some female Newcomer for the first time. A short time after he leaves, though, he is murdered.

The pregnancy is going along normally for Susan although she puts out some kind of pheromone that has a major effect on male Newcomers.

There have been two deaths lately like how the guy above died (counting his death), and George and Sikes check out a dating service whose name was on a pen the dead Newcomer was carrying.

George and Matt go to talk to Clara Bow, the woman who had last "entertained" the two Newcomers who were killed, but find only a badly-scarred maid.

George seems unable to take his eyes off a painting of Clara Bow.

Matt shows Cathy a Three Stooges movie. The cultural divide is wide. She thinks Herbie the Love Bug is funny.

Another body at the morgue turns out to be another male Newcomer that dated Clara Bow.

Apparently Buck has gone back to school. George has shown up with some flowers for Susan. She gets in late and he's suspicious of her and starts to go through her purse.

He finds a agate necklace and it turns out to be a present for him from Susan.

Sikes wants to try a W.C.Fields movie with Cathy but she has a male visitor already. She realizes he's jealous. George explains that, on the ship, the Overseers chose who would be mated to who.

They break in on a date Clara Bow was having. The male Newcomer had taken a drug that causes him to bond to someone and Matt is the first person he sees after taking the drug. Clara Bow had escaped.

Matt asks Cathy for help when the guy shows up at his apartment, but Cathy can hardly stop laughing, saying the effects of the drug last for a month.

George confronts Clara Bow. Back at the station they find out the woman has been in Paris for the last month and assume someone else has been using her picture.

Moments after the woman leaves George gets a call from someone claiming to be Clara Bow.

It's the maid. She has used the drug to get guys to not notice her scars. George tells her that the first guy she used the drug on is still alive and so affected by the drug that he kills anyone he sees her with.

Outside the hotel George is attacked and Matt is nearly killed, but the guy with a fixation on Matt saves him and George shoots the attacker.

Matt and Cathy watch the movie she likes.

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