The Change (unfilmed script)

This is the basic script that eventually evolved into the novel The Change, which I have reviewed elsewhere. This will cover only the events in the script itself.

The story opens with a Newcomer in prison clothes running away and being tracked by humans with tracking dogs. He escapes when a car he was waiting for arrives and picks him up.

The next scene is another George's hectic family-type of scene. Vessna still hasn't opened her eyes. Susan finds out at work that Buck has skipped school for three weeks.

Sikes and George are investigating a murder of a librarian and the theft of a movie. Possibly. George becomes ill and faints.

George goes to a doctor and it seems he's going through some kind of physical change in his body. Worse yet, a Newcomer George sent to prison has escaped and he had claimed he would kill George for sending him to prison.

It seems that what George is going through is similar to menopause.

It turns out Buck has been studying with the elders rather than going to a human school.

George's symptoms get worse and he almost causes a serious crash in the car he's driving. Then he gets out and runs off, leaving Sikes behind.

George is at home, the primary change happening, and the killer from before is sneaking up on the house. George has gone blind. Sikes arrives but the killer knocks him out. George is able to defeat the killer and later he has recovered from the symptoms of his change.


I think this would have made an interesting episode. It deals a lot with Tenctonese culture, the part with Buck studying with the elders is interesting (he could be following in Uncle Moodri's footsteps), and the basic criminal element of the plot is strong enough to support the story.

Too bad it was never filmed.

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