The First Cigar

There is a problem with a new drug in Los Angeles, and George and Sikes and ready to bust a group of drug users.

George is concerned about some problem with his taxes.

Buck is trying to get a job at a place that is selling houses or something for a Newcomer community (and it doesn't look very legit, to say the least).

George and Susan at the IRS having quite a bit of difficulty.

A Tenctonese woman who is a "community leader" gives George a TV as a present after meeting him at the station and thanking him for his efforts at controlling drugs. Matt later tries to tell George that the TV is a form of bribery, but George thinks it's a "darok," a pure gift of thank you.

Betsy Ross, the Newcomer woman who is the "community leader," gives George a tip on another drug deal. Sikes has a hand-held translator which seems to be pretty neat. They end up making a bust of about two tons of the drug.

Matt tries to fix a pip in Cathy's kitchen and, as expected, the effort backfires.

George asks the woman to co-sign a loan for him.

Buck explains what he's selling to Emily and she decides she wants to get involved and buy one of the things, too. (You just know this is going to be a disaster.)

George tells Sikes about the loan and Sikes tries to explain to him that it's a "favor" and not a real loan. They are told the drug problem is getting worse, not better, in Slagtown. Sikes points out, once they get there, that many of the stores are owned by Betsy Ross.

They bust one deal and find out the name of a dealer. They follow him and see that he goes into Betsy Ross' main store (the one she works in). They follow as Betsy Ross and the deal go out to eat.

There ends up being a full-scale crime leaders meeting at the restaurant.

It turns out she is an Overseer.

She sets off a bomb in her purse to blow up the competition.

Meanwhile, the crumb-bum that is running the housing deal offers to make Buck an office manager after taking Emily's money.

The captain has said he would cut Betsy Ross a deal; no prosecution in exchange for her information on other dealers, etc.

She dictates ridiculous terms to George.

Instead of making a deal they end up arresting her, getting the captain nice and angry. The reporter is there and Sikes threatens to tell him about the captain's push for personal glory over safety of the citizens.

Buck and Emily go to Buck's office and find the other guy has taken off with everything.

It's obvious that Matt and Cathy are (very) slowly developing a relationship.

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