Crossing the Line

Sikes is investigating a murder shortly before he's supposed to go on a vacation.

Vessna is being prepared for a christening-like ceremony.

The slimeball reporter gives Albert a cigarette and Albert has a strong adverse reaction to it.

The killer strikes again.

The murderer calls the reporter and tells him to be at a certain place that night at a certain time and he'll get a good photo.

Vessna has become ill.

Sikes past experience with the murderer is shown. Sikes is supposed to be in Hawaii but somehow he's still in the area and checking out the reporter's apartment.

The murderer talks to the reporter, Burns. Sikes is there, though, having (illegally) wiretapped the reporter's phone.

They're able to trace the murderer to an abandoned building.

Sikes is able to kill the murderer. Later that night is the ceremony for Vessna.

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