Generation to Generation

Some kids are out playing hide-and-seek and one of them finds a skeleton.

George and Susan are trying to figure out what to name their new baby and also what to do about Uncle Moodri.

Uncle Moodri says he plans to leave in a day or two. He says “the wall” is disappearing.

The captain is talking about the local Big Brother group looking for volunteers, single officers. Which includes Sikes.

They go out to examine the skeleton which belongs to a Newcomer who has been dead around five years. There is reference made to a series of explosions on the Newcomer ship as it came in for its crash landing.

They go to talk to a somewhat odd individual who lives in the area to see if he knows anything about the dead Newcomer.

Uncle Moodri is looking at the box the dead Newcomer had been holding on to and protecting. Moodri sort of goes nuts when the box is sold and yells out that if it is opened “you will die.”

The guy who bought the box. He opens it. He dies.

What’s left of him.

The two who were the money behind the buying of the box.

George explains that, on the ship, the elders were “a secret form of government” maintaining “order and security.” Uncle Moodri is an elder.

The ex-hippie steals the box but it’s stolen from him before George and Matt can get it, so they go check out the people who bought the box in the first place.

Moodri gives Buck a chain and tells him to give it to his father.

George and Buck are trying to put together something for the unborn child.

Sikes tells George that he thinks the two of them are being tailed.

Uncle Moodri has the box but two thugs are outside his door trying to get in.

Uncle Moodri has been injured badly. He dies while talking to George.

George and his family hold a ritual for their departed Uncle. They recall memories they had of him.

The evil, greedy Newcomer from earlier is the one who now has the box.

The box falls and opens and the evil Newcomer dies.

The box actually is able to display a holographic-like image of their home planet.

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