Gimmie, Gimmie

George and Susan are at a company meeting of a company that makes fabric. It's a promotional meeting to get people to invest in the company.

The fabric is a Newcomer invention and apparently much better than Earth-made fabrics.

The Newcomer who came up with the process for making the fabric. The human female is his wife.

Buck was against them investing since he thinks they will be abusing the workers, treating them like they are at a sweatshop.

After the vest saves George's life at the station he drives to the company with Matt to thank them.

Buck and his teacher have been complaining about how the workers are being treated.

George and Matt enter the factory. The conditions are terrible. Matt is overcome by fumes.

The Newcomer inventor plans to go for a swim in his swimming pool. Someone put salt in it and he dies.

Albert bought Sikes the car he has been wanting.

Matt tries to take Cathy for a ride in the car but it falls apart really quick.

Matt and George go to talk to the company man.

The go to interview the widow whose alibi is falling apart but she's in the pool, nude, with another guy, the one from the company.

George and Matt go to talk to Buck's teacher.

They get called to the site of a toxic spill at night. It's the same stuff that was being used in the factory that caused Sikes to get sick.

The accountant has become the number one suspect in the murder.

Sikes has to go into the factory to rescue George so he wets his shirt to protect his face and nose. (Remember; the fumes are deadly to humans).

Matt sold the car and bought Albert lots of trees (which he wants to donate to the city.)

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