Green Eyes

This is the final episode of Alien Nation.

There are many cliff-hanger-type of things going on in this episode that ended up having to be resolved in the made-for-TV movies that followed:

1. George and Matt's partnership and friendship both seem to be at an end.

2. Matt and Cathy's relationship seems to be at an end.

3. Buck's teacher at school has to be transferred to another school due to her “relationship” with Buck.

4. The Purists have come up with a way to kill virtually every single Newcomer living in the area.

5. Susan and Emily, and possible George, are all in the hospital, having fallen victim to the Purists plot.

The episode opens with a prominent Newcomer dying.

Cathy and Sikes are using a telescope. Then he starts to kiss her.

Buck's teacher tells the students about a number of books that will no longer be used in classrooms due to censorship.

Sikes talks to a Purist leader.

George gets promoted and is now technically Sike's superior.

They find out the Newcomer judge was poisoned by a bacterium engineered to kill Newcomers.

Sikes is having some major difficulties in getting along with George now that George has been promoted. George himself is finally getting angry at Sikes for the way he's been acting.

Buck's teacher is being accused of being intimate with him.

Things get so bad that they actually start fighting each other while they're supposed to be chasing after a suspect in the killings that is sailing away on his boat.

The boat suddenly explodes while they're fighting. (What's really funny is that, if you watch this part carefully, they're fighting and you can see the boat sailing away; while it's still visible you hear the sound of an explosion but the boat hasn't blown up yet!)

Sikes and George are still arguing and Sikes says he's going to put in for a new partner.

Buck's teacher tells him about what has been reported about their “relationship.”

Cathy goes on a date with a Newcomer, basically to get back at Sikes having dated a human. She tells Sikes that any relationship between the two of them is impossible.

Unexpected flowers arrive at George's house. They're part of the attack on Newcomers, but he doesn't know that. Yet.

Cathy tells Matt George's family has been taken to intensive care at the facility where she works. Meanwhile, the Purist are making plans to produce enough bacteria to spray the entire country from helicopters.

And that's where the series ends.

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