One Nation: Invisible

This would have been a season two episode, the fifth one and, as far as I know, the last season two possibility for which there is an actual script.

The episode opens in Slagtown. A weapons dealer kills a undercover cop. Meanwhile, George and Susan are buying some things but George ends up being arrested relating to his credit card.

George tries to fix his credit-card problem while Sikes is apparently going to be the next person to try and catch the weapons dealer. Two undercover agents have been murdered already.

Sikes swallows some kind of tracking device. George and Susan are having some of their house remodeled.

Cathy talks to Sikes about wanting to know about his body. What she doesn't know is he swallowed the tracking device and it can't be turned off (it later dissolves), so someone else can hear everything he says or that's being said near him. Embarrassment plus for Sikes.

George has found out that his credit problems are because the credit card company lists him as dead. Matt and Cathy watch a human porno tape together.

Sikes goes through with the gun deal. The guy doesn't detect any wires on him (since they're inside his stomach at the moment.) Things don't go as planned, though. Sikes isn't hurt, but the police don't show up in time to catch the perps.

George and Sikes figure out who is behind the shipping of the weapons and they're able to catch the crooks.

Matt and Cathy are back together again and start to make out. What Sikes doesn't know is that the transmitter is still in him and the detectives back at the station can still hear everything going on around him, including what he's saying to Cathy.

This is basically the weakest of the “new” scripts. It's trying to use three themes; George's problem with his credit card, the weapons sellers, and Sikes relationship with Cathy. I think the theme about George's credit problems could have been dropped; it's just too “normal” a thing to be happening and spend so much of the story time about. The weapons buying could have been developed further, especially figuring out who was shipping the weapons since what happens, that the boxes the weapons are being put in are made, for some reason, by someone that makes caskets, doesn't really make a whole lot of sense.

I think they would have had to change the way Matt and George figure out who was shipping the weapons and come up with a more reasonable and sensible resolution. As written, the story would have just been too “busy;” too many things happening at the same time.

I think it would have been a very disappointing episode unless the script had been given a major reworking.

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