An artifact belonging to the Newcomers is stolen. There's a sinister cult that's starting up and Buck ends up in its clutches. A lot of the humans are scared that it's going to soon be the start of another millennium.

In the police station there's a wave of missing persons along with a new very strong drug on the streets.

Two humans had taken a trip into a portal of some kind that leads to a vision of an alien world./2. It's like a vitual-reality sort of thing. One of them saw some kind of insect and has gone nuts, taking a human woman hostage later. Later Matt and George find out the portal sets up a virtual reality but what happens there is influenced by what the visitors bring in mentally with themselves. Thus, a person can see something wonderful or can see their worst nightmare come alive.

There is also a scene where a human guy tries to rape Emily.

The basic theme deals with those who are very greedy and wish to prey on those who are very vulnerable. It's also similar to the old fake mediums who would claim they could bring deceased love ones back for a chat. The root of their work, though, is simply to make themselves as rich as possible.

In this case, unlike in old fashioned seances, if some people die along the way, well, that's the way it goes.

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