The story opens with a Newcomer named Caliban leading two humans somewhere. One of them, Jason, dislikes what he is seeing. He seems to be attacked by some kind of insect creature.

Buck is with an elder, Alana, but he's impatient to move on spiritually. He overhears Caliban talking to someone (later).

Emily has a crush on a human boy.

Jason is going to jump from a building, but Matt and George are able to stop him. Jason seems totally out of it.

Susan is mad because their credit card bill is so high. She thinks Emily is becoming materialistic, and Buck is reacting against materialism and is on his way towards becoming a monk.

George and Matt investigate a portal stolen from a Newcomer shrine (from the episode Generation to Generation). The portal creates a virtual reality, but the mental baggage people bring with them will have an effect on what they see.Buck goes to a warehouse where a scam group that stole the portal is passing themselves off spiritual advisors, of a sort. Meanwhile, Emily is at their home playing music with Randy, the boy she is interested in. Buck is very rude to Randy. (Being rude is nothing new for Buck, however.)

Cathy works with Jason, hypnotizing him to try to find out what is happening. Matt later tries to infiltrate the scam group, but George and Grazer show up and things get messed up, allowing the scam group to escape with the portal.

Emily needs something for a synthesizer she has and she shoplifts it from a store.

Grazer talks to Matt about the portal, once it's found, being something that could be used like a Disneyland thing to make a lot of money from. He wants Matt to give him the portal for a while once Matt finds it. When Matt tells Cathy, Cathy gets really mad at him.

Emily goes to a party at Randy's house where she manages to find out that all he wanted to do was have sex with her.

Matt and George find out the scam group's plan is to kill all the followers and escape with the portal, killing a Newcomer woman and passing her body off as the body of the leader of the group.

The Newcomer leader is going to get everyone to walk off the edge of a building and fall to their deaths while they are in the portal, seeing a different reality. Matt destroys the portal, shattering the illusion. The leader falls to her death.

Other parts of the show deal with the millennium coming and how people are reacting to that, sometimes in understandable ways and sometimes in crazy ways.

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