Eyewitness News

George is going to be featured on a news program.

The family watches a newscast of an investigation George and Matt did. It makes Matt look bad and George look really good.

Cathy comes in and an emergency test is done on the TV. The tone gets her quite aroused.

Matt and George are back at the porno site. This time there's been an actual attempted murder.

They check out the place that belongs to the owner of the sex service.

George has been invited to lunch with the mayor, so Matt will have to continue the investigation alone.

The Newcomer performer Sikes was looking for shows up at the station. She describes how the guy who ordered the video behaves during the video, and she thinks he definitely knew the attack would happen.

The news people tape the Francisco's having their dinner.

They are working on the setup to try and catch the person doing the violence.

The female Newcomer gets attacked and, because the news crew's microphone is causing static in Sikes wire, he doesn't get to the Newcomer women fast enough to catch the crook.

Sikes is following the guy from earlier and, as usual, George is off on something involving the news coverage being done of him for the week.

The news people are staging a week-early birthday party for Emily.

Emily doesn't want her party a week early and Susan is getting somewhat ill.

Cathy mentions to Matt that he's been looking at her in a sexual way. She admits she's also curious about what Matt looks like naked.

George tells Matt that he finally realizes that he's been behaving badly due to all the attention from the film crew.

The guy from earlier shows up at a place where the Newcomer woman is staying for a while.

It turns out that it was the guys kids who were after the Newcomer woman.

Cathy gives Sikes a video on female Newcomer sexuality produced by the university where she works.

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