George sees a human kill a Newcomer. The human's lawyer is trying to claim the Newcomer pulled a gun on him, but George saw the whole thing.

Sikes is supposed to go with George to the “ejection center” where George will receive the pod Susan has been carrying. The room scene has some really funny elements in it and also a really cute squirrel.

A group of police are out on a drug bust.

George is being taken by Internal Affairs Division since some drugs are missing and he's suspected of stealing them.

The black guy is a copy that taught a lot to Sikes and was involved in the drug bust that ended up with George being in trouble.

The search George's house and find the missing drugs.

George accuses the older cop of being the one who set him up.

The cop meets with the mail bad guy after Sikes tells him that he thinks George has been framed. Sikes has followed him and sees him talking to the bad guy.

Sikes confronts his former friend and mentor.

The drug bust goes bad. The old cop was about to shoot Sikes when the criminal he spotted the criminal and exchanged fire with him, getting hit in the process. He tells Sikes how to prove George innocent before he dies.

At the ejection center, after George has been cleared.

During the actual process of ejection. It's obvious their biology is really different from humans in a major way.

The episode again has two themes, the first being the pregnancy, and the other being the problem with Sike's one-time mentor. Both are handled well.

The idea of having both males and females involved in actually being pregnant would help, (probably), both parents to take a more active and deep interest in their children then normal human biology does. Both Newcomer parents have a vital interest in the well-being of their unborn child. Both the male and female share birth pains (even Buck does but Emily must be too young)

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