Real Men

The episode opens showing scenes at a gym. A Newcomer wants to lift weights but the human is terribly prejudiced against him.

One of them injects himself with something. He can then lift weights he couldn't before.

George it at a gynecologist being checked out. (With all the standard things women say in advanced stages of pregnancy being said by George.)

Matt is talking to a friend of his from Detroit who is not used to Newcomers. It's interesting to see how Matt tries to explain some things to him.

They get assigned the case for the guy who passed out at the gym. They found a high level of a Newcomer hormone in his blood, the hormone acting like a steroid.

George doesn't understand the earth idea of a “manly man” and Sikes tries to explain it to him.

Matt's friend is making friend with Cathy. Cathy has told Matt that the hormone could be taken from Newcomer blood.

They go to check out a hospital where some Newcomer blood has been stolen.

Matt's friend is coming on strong to Cathy.

He actually tries to force himself on Cathy. Matt breaks in when Cathy yells and he decks the creep. It turns out, though, that Matt was just imagining the scenario happening.

They're having a baby shower for George.

They begin to close in on the person behind the Newcomer hormones (the gym owner.) They find the guy unconscious; he's been hit by someone and knocked out.

They go to the gym to bust the guy from way earlier (the first user above), but the guy's gone totally psycho and is ultra-powerful.

George got thrown around a lot and the baby is on its way. George tells Matt he's going to have to be the one to deliver the baby. There's no time for the ambulance.

There's a problem in the birthing, though. The baby is breeched, meaning she can't get out of the pouch normally.

George passes out. Matt has to turn the baby by reaching into the pouch.

She's being born.

Matt has to lie close to her since she needs the warm of two bodies, according to George.

Matt is teaching Cathy how to knit. He also tells Cathy that he likes her.

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