Something strange is going on. In the fire is a dead Newcomer's skeleton.

George has been chosen to coach Emily's softball team.

They examine the body at a building bought by the members of some sect.

George tries to get Matt to teach him about baseball. George's baseball skills are pathetic (at best).

They get to the scene of a robbery in progress.

Matthew is killed by the perp.

Cathy comes to the hospital to join George and Susan. Sikes has been in-and-out of death.

He's been officially declared dead.

The perp shows up by Matt's bedside.

I'm not dead yet. I'm getting better.

Sikes returns to work.

Sikes talks to one of the people in the sect.

Cathy spends some time with George.

Sikes has some upsetting personal memories and ends up going to talk to the cult woman again.

During the ceremony Sikes has a terrible memory. He told his father (who was a serious drunk) that he hoped he'd die; moments later his father is shot.

George tries to coach the team.

Matt has his killer in the car. The Newcomer has been acting like a robin hood, stealing to give things to the poor. The guy escapes; seems he was lying to Sikes all along.

It turns out Sikes father isn't dead but is comatose.

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