The Red Room

Someone comes in and trashes a lab.

Matt visits Cathy, asking for her help on a psychological test. While he is there Cathy gets a call; the lab that was broken into was at the place where she works.

The professor whose lab was trashed is rather a nasty person to say the least.

To make matters worse for Sikes, he not only has to fill out a psychological profile but there's going to be one-on-one stress interviews. George wrote out really long answers for his profile; the only problem is that it was all multiple-choice.

Matt calls the detective who investigated the break in but finds out there is no such person.

A human body is in the morgue and George seems to recognize the person.

Susan has to eat wood chips for the pod, something relating to her pregnancy.

George has flashbacks to something about a red room.

A woman is murdered in the same way as the earlier guy was murdered.

The psychologist interviews George who recognized the woman who was murdered.

The creep who posed as a detective is now at the station and George and Matt have been told their double-murder case is closed.

They won't drop the case, though, and they go to Cathy for help in tracking someone down.

They check out a place where remains of Newcomers who died in quarantine are stored and there are barrels and barrels of bodies.

George agrees to be hypnotized in order to find out what is going on with his memories.

They were trained to be assassins.

The guy who worked on the project works at the same place that Cathy does.

George and Sikes get to the lab and find Silas, the Newcomer who has been killing people, has already been there.

The evil scientist is hung up.

The creep shows up again. He finally leaves, though, and Matt and Sikes are able to arrest Silas Marner, the assassin.

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