Night of the Screams

An elderly couple are at a used-car dealership. The dealer opens the trunk of the car he's trying to sell them and there's a dead Newcomer inside with his hands cut off.

Emily is trying to explain to her mother what a Halloween pumpkin is for and how you make it.

Jill, Emily's friend, has asked her to attend her Halloween party. ( Which is something I can't quite understand since Jill's mother is a Purist who definitely would not allow any Newcomer children to attend a party at her house.)

There's a whole team off policemen investigating the murder of three Newcomers, all of whom have had their hands chopped off.

Uncle Moodri tells Emily she shouldn't leave the house on that night, that it has something to do with something called Tagdot. It's "evil consumed by madness," he tells Emily.

They investigate a fourth murder.

Susan tells George that Uncle Moodri has been talking about Tagdot, and she's not sure Emily should go out that night.

Cathy has a nightmare about the ship.

They interview another potential suspect in the murders.

They find the Newcomer hands from the murders.

Sikes decides to ask Cathy about Tagdot.

Sikes looks at photos of the hands and sees the tattoo showing that they were Overseers.

It turns out the old guy was the one who killed the Overseers.

Emily's costume is an Overseer tattoo.

Uncle Moodri talks to George and explains that the evil of the legendary Tagdot is something that lives within all Newcomers, and that they must fight that evil within themselves. The next day George leads the team to the killer's apartment, but he's not there.

George confronts the killer in a movie theater.

The guy jumps to his death rather than spend time behind bars and not be able to "fulfill his work."

An extremely good story on a variety of levels. The concept of vengeance is examined, a lot of back story on the Newcomers is given, and Sikes and Cathy's relationship begins to grow. It may not be a nice story, but it's a good one.

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