On Separate Ways

This would have been the second episode of the second season if Alien Nation had been renewed.

Again, I think this would have been another really good episode. It could also have been used later by the Purists as an argument against the Newcomers, that their babies were “deadly.” It's got some interesting background on Susan and George, it features problems with Emily that are really quite normal for any girl, human or otherwise, at that age, and it furthers, a little, the relationship between Sikes and Cathy.

It might have been a little more expensive than usual to produce, though, since there would have needed a second Newcomer baby and would have had to provide the mining camp scenes, all of which would have been additional expenses.

Synopsis of main events

The show opens with a middle-aged Newcomer woman holding an infant and riding a metro rail car. A gang of three white hoods comes into the car. They steal her infant and leave the car.

At George's home some arguments occur over what type of clothing Buck and Emily should wear to school, with Emily just starting high school. George and Matt get the call to check out the woman whose baby was taken.

There have been six Newcomer babies stolen. Sikes doesn't know it but the babies are being taken to Paris to be picked up by wealthy people there.

There is some kind of scene at one of the mining camps the Newcomers worked at as slaves, with George taking a woman's baby.

At the station George and Matt get a call from Paris. A Newcomer baby has been found, along with five human adults. The adults are all seriously ill.

At the school Emily tries to put on some makeup but has an allergic reaction to it.

It turns out Cathy is going with George and Matt to Paris to retrieve the Newcomer baby.

Susan keeps making a reference to “landing three,” which ties in to the mining camp scene earlier. Then there's another scene of the mining camp, this time involving both Susan and George.

It turns out the baby has secreted something that poisons humans. There's another scene from the mining camp. Susan ends up explaining to Emily just what happened at the mining camp.

George and Matt capture the gang that kidnapped the baby from the metro rail car.

Cathy says the babies secret something to protect them from predators, but on the Earth it is much more powerful and very deadly to humans.

It's established that Newcomer women do breastfeed their babies. This seems to prevent the secretion, so it's just when the babies are stolen and the mothers can't care for them that the chemical reaction to the carbon dioxide in the air happens and the secretion is produced.

George and Susan agree to let the police use Vessna as bait to try and catch the guy who has been selling the Newcomer babies.

The plan works and the guy is caught. Sikes takes Cathy to a French restaurant that's in the area.

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