Soul Train

The following is based on an unfilmed script for the second season of the show. This is the same thing as Alien Nation: The Lost Episode comic.

Below is my review for the comic version with notations of any differences in the script.

Emily and Susan are still in the hospital, victims of a bio-weapon that some Purist has developed. The teacher Buck was having a relationship with has been transferred from the school. George and Matt get over their differences from the last episode.

In the script form there's more on when Albert brings in a plant, a chicken and a dog. Albert remarks on some cut flowers that Sikes has brought and that they no longer have their souls. George backs him up on that point, that living flowers have souls but dead ones have lost theirs.

The song they sing in the comic version is different from the one sung in the script version.

In the script version Buck, in the school, is carrying Vessna with him; in the comic he's just carrying a normal school backpack.

There's quite a bit of time spent in relation to Matt's view of the need for Emily to have a priest give her a baptism and whether or not there is an after life in relation to Tenctonese religious views; also, whether or not the Tenctonese have souls.

There's another betrayal by someone who works at the station. The Purists plan to spray all of Los Angeles with the bio-weapon to kill all the Newcomers in the city, but the plan is stopped. George also comes near dying before a method can be found to combat the infection.

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