The Spirit of Ď95

Buck is in one of the voting headquarters for a movment to get Newcomers the right to vote. Both the black guy and the Newcomer guy also want George to speak out for the vote.

While Susan and Buck are there a bomb scare is phoned in.

An actual bomb goes off.

Cathy reminds Sikes of a tenantís association meeting. Heís the president of the association although he thought it was just a joke or something.

The head of a purist group is at the station and wants to talk to Sikes, saying they will sue the police for slander if they say a purist was the one who definitely planted the bomb.

Some punks kidnap a Newcomer out canvassing with Buck.

George goes to the Purist headquarters to confront the leader.

One of the Newcomer workers is found outside the police station, badly beaten.

They meet again the Purist leader who this time is saying that itís possible the Purists are not the ones behind the bombings, etc, but that maybe the Newcomers or someone supporting them are the culprits.

They are able to find the car that had been used in the kidnapping but when they get to the motel. they find one of the Newcomer workers there. The black worker (from quite a bit earlier) is in the hotel room, dead.

The purist leader was right. It was the Newcomer and the black worker who came up with the idea for the bombing, etc.

However, one of the purists was involved after all, a guy working at the phone company. He ends up admitting he set the wiretap, but he claims he didnít murder the black guy.

The amendment seems it will pass in California. 32 states seem to support the national referendum to allow the Newcomers the right to vote.

The purist leader is in a state congressional probe and constantly takes the fifth amendment, so the person leading the committee orders all records and assets of the purist party to be seized.

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