The Takeover

Riots are breaking out through the city.

George and Matt are told to remain at the station (and protect it) while their fearless leader goes off to attend a meeting.

Susan brings George a change of clothes, but some crooks see how she gets into the station building.

They are overwhelmed by the number of calls coming in to the station.

The crooks cut the power to the station and then invade.

Sikes is with an old girlfriend who was supposedly in trouble.

Susan is still at the station.

The female Newcomer shoots George.

The Captain fiddles while Los Angeles burns in a very good simulation of reality during disasters.

What Susan is holding is a canister of the gas used on the slaveship to keep the Newcomers under control.

The crook uses the gas on Susan and gets her to shoot at George.

George shoots the container of gas in the car the crook is trying to escape in.

This episode works very well as a regular police story, but it has the advantage of having an element of Tenctonese history thrown in with the entire issue of the cylinder of "holy gas" and its effect on Susan. It affects humans, also, though, and this becomes important in one of the later made-for-TV movies.

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