Three to Tango

The couple was listening to the radio talk show which was about a Purist complaining about Newcomer reproduction numbers. A guy comes in and shoots, the idea being that the Newcomer reproduction process involves a Binnaum, and by killing these the Purists can slow down or even stop Newcomer reproduction.

Sikes is trying to teach Cathy how to dance. Sikes accidentally touches her in a place on her back that's an erogenous zone for Newcomers. It's also obvious their relationship is progressing, but still Cathy is more interested in Sikes than he will allow himself to be interested in her.

The newspaper headline summarizes it all so far. Sterilization of the "unfit" has been used throughout the years in various countries. The problem lies, of course, in who defines the term "unfit," where the definitions end up more political than medical.

Albert is getting to like a food cart Newcomer. Notice the signs on the cart, including "rat tails," "intestines" and "brain tartar." Albert likes her but he's quite shy. One of the guys in the station kids Albert about how much he likes the woman and this shows that he's being more accepted by the others (he had trouble with this particular person earlier on).

Matt asks George some questions about Newcomer erogenous zones. George also talks about what turns him on as far as Newcomer women goes. George than talks to Albert about something.

George and Sikes go to the scene of the earlier shooting and George explains about the binnaum. George points out less than 1% of the Newcomers are binnaum which makes the Purist idea of killing all of them within the realms of possibility.

Albert knows the binnaum who was murdered. It turns out the binnaum are sort of a priestly order and the guy was a member of whatever group Albert was.

Sikes is pretty juvenile when talking about sex to George. A little bit is still some prejudice Sikes has against Newcomers, but most of it is just immaturity as far as he goes. George also tells him Albert was the binnaum for Emily's birth.

George, Matt and Albert go to the binnaum place of seclusion, sort of a monastery. Albert apparently renounced his vows and left the order.

They meet with the head of the order and he talks to them about how binnaum are major targets for anyone wanting to exterminate the Newcomers.

One of the guys plays a trick on Albert, giving a fake note the women he's interested in, saying he wants to go to the movies with her.

George finds out three binnaum have been murdered and there has been virtually no follow-up. The captain says that, since they were not rich or important enough, there was no money to spend for taking the time to follow up on their murders.

Albert reacts so strongly to the Dobbs' joke that he quits his job. Albert agrees to be the binnaum for George and Susan's new child.

They find out who killed the earlier couple but the guy escapes.

Albert returns to the order.

The one guy goes to kill another binnaum, but George and Sikes are waiting there for him.

George invites the Captain, Sikes and Dobbs to his house that night for the "presentation of the binnaum" ceremony. As part of it George must invite "three male friends who are important to the livelihood" of his family. The captain and Dobbs don't want to go but Sikes says all three will be there.

Albert is "presented" as the binnaum.

The captain is told that he has an honored position since he is the head of the place where George works. The "honored position" involves washing the feet of the binnaum. The next day they find out that the binnaum that they had just saved from being murdered somehow ended up being murdered anyhow.

Albert talks to the head of the monastery and says he wants to leave, that he misses his friends.

Albert goes back to work and sets up a date with the girl he likes. Sikes finds out that the binnaum who were murdered had all left the monastery, and that there was no way the human murderer could have known who was a binnaum and who wasn't among the Newcomers. Therefore, someone who did understand that had to be feeding him the information.

The head of the order confronts Albert who, in his eyes, is a religious heretic.

George and Sikes barely get there in time to save Albert.

Cathy comes to the ceremony the night after the presentation and Sikes jaw just about hits the floor when he sees just how attractive she looks.

During the actual coupling everyone stands with their backs to the bed while George reads from some holy book.

Sikes looks at Cathy and she looks at him. After the ceremony, George and Susan go upstairs to complete the sexual activity. Sikes touches foreheads with Cathy which is a sign of affection.

This is one of the episodes that shows the strengths of the series. You do have the basic crime problem, of course, but laying over that is the entire issue of Newcomer spirituality and culture, the binnaums, the monastery, and the issue of religious heresy. The series is best when it examines Newcomer culture and by doing that allows us to examine our own. The episode also advances the Sikes/Cathy relationship, and opens the door on the entire Newcomer birth process since Susan will now be pregnant.

An extremely good episode.

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