The Touch

Some kind of ceremony is being performed. Overseers are involved.

The young Newcomer is going to kill one that has been pinned down.

Cathy recalls something that happened on the ship when she sees someone she knows.

George has brought Vessna to the station.

The mother of the boy Cathy saw comes to the hospital and gets questioned. She's uncooperative and rather nasty when Cathy offers to help her son.

The boy gets picked up by an Overseer after school.

Cathy tells Sikes that the Overseer that took the boy was someone called “The Chooser.” He assigned them where they would work and sometimes who would die.

Cathy tries to get George and Sikes or the social worker to do something but none of them can since there's no crime that's been committed. She hints she's going to take matters into her own hands.

Cathy abducts the kid.

The Overseer beats up on the kid's mother. She's been working with him.

Cathy has the kid in a motel room.

Cathy recalls some more things that happened on the ship. Sikes finds out that the boy's mother works for a company run by the Overseer.

The Choser finds Cathy and the boy.

Another ceremony, this time to kill Cathy.

They rescue Cathy, barely in time.

The boy is reunited with his real parents.

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