The Udara Legacy

This is another movie script review.

The program opens with a scene on the slave ship. Then it goes to a Newcomer female waking up from a bad dream. Later she ends up shooting several detectives and dies in the resulting firefight. One of the people she killed was to be a star witness at some trial.

Buck is going to enter the police academy. Susan doesn't react well to the news, however.

Another Newcomer, a male, also gets a phone call with a melody playing that throws him into some kind of trance. He ends up getting some explosives.

Matt and George get called to a hostage situation where the Newcomer has explosives and is threatening to kill the girl's volleyball team. The guy is intent on killing them but George stops him.

George had heard the guy say Udara and he and Sikes later talk about the Udara “legend.” The Udara were a group of slaves who used any means they felt necessary to go after the Overseers.

Meanwhile Buck and the other Newcomers at the police academy are being made fun of by the others, including a specially edited videotape.

(The script has Albert talking in a manner which I think is a little too wordy for the way he was on the series.)

There's a flashback of the Newcomer slaves working in one of the mines. Cathy and George realize there may be some kind of mind control being used on those in the Udara.

There's a flashback to the ship and it we get the first indication that Susan was one of the Udara. She admits it to George. They get into an argument over that, Susan defending her being in the Udara.

Matt ends up talking to Susan about the Udara. Susan later tells George that Emily is also in the Udara. (She, along with others, was subjected to mind control. They do not know they are Udara; on hearing a certain signal they will carry out some kind of predetermined action, then forget everything, if successful, or be willing to kill themselves in order not to reveal any secrets if unsuccessful in their mission.)

Emily gets an activation call while she is at school. She goes somewhere and gets practice in shooting. It turns out the person who she is to shoot, a guy running for senator, wants to be shot (to get the sympathy vote, apparently.)

Emily starts her attack and shoots Buck. Matt tackles Emily and Susan says the code words to break the mind control hold over Emily. The would-be senator gets arrested for a long string of crimes.

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