This would have been the fourth episode in the second season. At least that's what I've found it listed at in various sites yet the content of the material fits season 1 but does not fit into a possible season 2. For one thing, Uncle Moodri is still alive. He died in season 1. Buck is dealing with legal trouble which was also resolved in season 1. Sikes is still showing aversion to Newcomers, again an earlier season 1 plotline.

The episode opens at an elementary school carnival. Buck is in court and has been remanded to his parent's custody until his trial is held.

Later Sikes and George have some drinks at a bar. Sikes meets Cheryl Kane, a new cop in his precinct.

Uncle Moodri gives some advice to George.

Sikes and Cathy have a very uneasy moment in which Sikes shows his distaste for being touched by a Newcomer.

Emily is missing. Grazer stresses the importance of finding Emily to the entire station force. A few minutes later a fight erupts at the station between some policemen who hate George since he's a Newcomer and George and Sikes alone against the entire group.

George and them get a videotape showing a Purist has taken Emily captive. They want a Purist who's been arrested to be released. Meanwhile Emily is playing checkers and other games with the Purists holding her. (And yes, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.)

Emily has a hamster as a pet (since when?) George is somehow going to use the hamster to help locate Emily.

Sikes enters a Purist bar. Sikes ends up arresting almost the entire lot of them (concealed weapons for starters.)

Now this is in the script, folks. I didn't make it up. Cheryl, the new policewoman, and the script reads “Well if Mohammad can't come to the mountain.” Cheryl undoes her bra and lets it fall (as we go to silhouettes and tasteful angles) “We'll have to bring the mountains to Detective Sikes.”

No way. I just don't see this kind of thing happening in any episode of Alien Nation. It's so Out of Character that it's like in another galaxy or something.

The script goes on to note that she gives him a condom and wants to have sex right there. She's also anti-Newcomer, by the way.

George, Susan and Buck able to find where Emily is being held due to her hamster. (It'd take some explaining.)

Sikes catches three other Purists and they get into a fight. Sikes resembles Jackie Chan in his fighting abilities.

The Purists have put Emily on a steel plate attached to a bomb. Sikes arrives and needs to move a wagon onto the plate as a counter-weight (a.k.a. Indiana Jones with the gold idol and bag of sand). It sort of works although the bomb does go off but not before George, who has also arrived, thanks to the hamster, Sikes and Emily are all able to dive out of the way.


This has to be the most absurd Alien Nation plot I've ever read. Purists kidnapping Emily makes sense. Using a hamster as a tracking device? Nope. Sikes acting like a cross between Jackie Chan and Indiana Jones? Nope. A female detective wanting to have sex at the police station? Nope.

And this doesn't even count the amazingly still-alive Uncle Moodri or Buck's very late court appointment. Previously I thought this script might fit into season 1, but now that I've finished it I think it fits absolutely nowhere. At all. Period.

Except maybe in the garbage can.

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