Fifteen with Wanda

A Newcomer driving a limo for two gangsters on their way to beat up someone is having a little telephone pseudo-sex with his fiancée. The hit goes wrong and the driver ends up getting arrested, agrees to testify against his former boss, and gets put under protective custody.

Matt's daughter and her boyfriend apparently were having sex at his apartment while he was away on guard duty. The crooks, meanwhile, are following the Newcomer driver's now-wife to see if she will lead them to him.

Buck gets in trouble for trying to defend a girl being harassed by two punks. He's still on probation, though, and any trouble can get him back into jail. George talks about their time on the ship and it was for two generations. George tries to talk some sense into Buck but that's a total exercise in futility.

The girl he helped talks to Buck.

Matt has to meet with his ex-wife. Not the friendliest meeting in the world, to put it mildly.

The gang confronts Buck. Matt and his daughter have a confrontation.

The Newcomer almost gets killed, but George and Sikes save him.

Buck confronts the gang but fortunately help arrives.

This episode deals primarily with family matters. Much of this episode could easily be done with any reference to the Newcomers at all; it's a fairly typical cops-protect-the-witness program coupled with a "problems-at-home" type of show. There's not very much that really distinguishes this episode from an episode of some other series. The Alien Nation episodes were best where they kept that distinction noticeable and worked with it, just as some of the most interesting Star Trek episodes were ones dealing with Klingon history and culture.

As a result, this is a fairly weak episode for the series.

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