The Enemy Within

There's a group of Tecktonese called the waste eaters (Eeno) and they are considered by the other aliens as outcast, much as the burukumin in Japan. Meanwhile Sikes and Cathy have moved in and are having some cultural problems.

George, like the other aliens, is also prejudiced against the waste eaters and has to deal with that.

One of the female Eeno escapes but not of the aliens will help her. They even turn their faces away from her. The girl gets shot but no one helps her. When called to the site George calls the girl a creature, 'not worth a second of their time.'

Albert and May have decided to have a child. They want George to fertilize the egg. His wife, though, is talking to a human friend and is saying that their sex life is not so good anymore. Susan is really upset when she hears from George what he plans to do.

During the autopsy on the Eeno woman they find out she is pregnant. When Cathy cuts the uterus it emits some kind of smoke and a human working with her dies from it. We also find out what job the Eeno did on the ship and why the other aliens look down on them.

There is also some kind of monster involved.

Emily gets beaten up for trying to help a female Eeno. Emily even gets splashed with salt water. She's not in great shape.

There's even an end-of-the-world scenario going on.

Again the strongest point of this series and the movies is the theme of prejudice and how it is unjustified and how it hurts people. One time I started to make a list of how many ways people hate other people and are prejudiced against them. The list just kept growing and growing and such hate and prejudice overwhelms the entire planet. It seems sometimes that C.S. Lewis was right when in his fiction story the Earth was actually a quarantined planet due to the way people treated each other.

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