The Lost Civilization Enigma

There's an interesting section that deals with the archaeological establishment putting down those who challenge their view of how things have happened. The moment one does find something, the establishment archaeologists will claim that whatever was found is a total fake (even though they never saw it in person) and will put down the person for not being a 'professional' archaeologist. In this case some 3000 objects were found and believing that every single one was fake is stretching things quite a bit.

In cases things get so bad that some even sabotage a site to make sure the person finding it is made to look like a fool (By the way, specific examples of this type of thing happening are given in the book.)

There's also a section about the possibility of secret passages under the pyramids and how the discovery and exploration of these has been totally controlled and denied even though solid evidence is shown to prove such things exist.

This is the way with a lot of the book. There is good information showing that North America had been visited by a rather broad variety of cultures (for trade purposes, not for colonization purposes generally) but the main focus (to me) is just how far some 'scientists' will go to make sure that their view is the only one 'officially' accepted and that all other views are tainted by fake evidence and the ignorance of 'non-professional' archaeologists.

It's a really fascinating book but also one that can be gloomy seeing how things are done in reality.

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