The Lost Colonies of Ancient America

This is an excellent book showing how North America and South America were basically used as a natural resource for trading purposes by a whole group of various civilizations over time even thousands of years before Columbus ever even thought of sailing west. The book is divided into sections according to what culture came here and what kind of evidence they left. I'll very briefly summarize those below:

Sumerians: Left cuneiform tablets. Found from Montana to Ohio to New York and down to Georgia. Tables translation by professor of Near Eastern Studies.

Egyptians: Coca and Nicotine, only available in North America at that time, have been found in some Egyptian mummies.

Minoans: In Main, leaving behind the Phasistos Disc and their own cosmology.

Phoenicians: Tablet found in Brazil and at Lake Michigan.

Romans: Off the Brazilian coast numerous Roman amphorae have been found but the government banned all research on the area. They want to keep Columbus as the official discover and no one else is allowed.

There's also the Kensington Stone found tied up in the roots of a tree, a stone at Bat Creek in Tennessee which has a Judean script, a stone taken from Chief Joseph that had cuneiform inscription and yet another tablet down in Georgia.

Africans: The large Olmec heads which look just like Blacks. The stones were big indicating whoever they were they were considered to be important.

China: Chinese coins found.

Evidence for Japanese, Norse, Knights Templar and Christians have also all been found.

One thing to keep in mind, of course, is that none of these civilizations seemed to want to actually colonize the Americas; they just wanted resources like copper. They'd take those and ship them home. Also, the number of artifacts is not huge but the ones that have been found are fairly good evidencethat all these other civilizations were here even if they only had a temporary presence.

None of this, of course, is accepted by main-stream scientists.

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