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Annette Funicello has died due to complications of her M.S. This part of my web site will continue to stay up and will be updated as I continue to add more information and photos of her.

Annette Funicello was probably the most famous Mouseketeer of all. She stayed with Disney after the Mickey Mouse Club ended and did a series of movies and a bunch of albums. All of the basic information about her can be found on a variety of other sites and in various Yahoo clubs.

What I will be doing here is adding my own reviews of the various Annette Funicello mystery books (of which there were five), along with reviews of her albums and any other information I happen to come across that I think is noteworthy.


Angel Bear
Annette Paper Doll Sets
Annette's Secret Passage Game
Books and Comic Books
Coloring Books
LPs and CDs
CD press kit for Musical Reunion with America's Girl Next Door
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Another Gazette issue
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Sample of Magazine Covers
Fantasy Island Minisode from You Tube
Annette on a Special from You Tube
Back Stage Party for Babes in Toyland

There is also a multitude of videos on You Tube that are about Annette.


Annette in Magazines

I am working on a section listing the magazines that Annette was in and the covers of those magazines where I have found them. This is based on some excellent work by another Annette fan and I have simply expanded upon it. It is not finished. I will be putting up sections as I get them done.

Annette in Magazines


Richard Foster has been finding some other Annette videos. Thanks, Richard!

Annette doing I Can't Do the Sum from Babes in Toyland
Annette on Spin and Marty
Annette on the Danny Thomas Show


My own You Tube videos on Annette

These are my You Tube videos on Annette. You can find them under my user name of Bunnychan.

Annette in the New Adventures of Spin and Marty
The Annette Funicello Story
Annette in Pajama Party
Annette in Spin and Marty, Video 1
Annette in Spin and Marty, Video 2
Annette in Spin and Marty, Video 3
Annette in Back to the Beach
Annette in Muscle Beach Party
Annette on Danny Thomas: Gina for President
Annette on Danny Thomas: Latin Lover
Annette on Danny Thomas: Frankie Laene Sings for Gina
Annette on Danny Thomas: Gina's First Date
Annette on Danny Thomas: Gina From Italy
Annette on Hullabaloo
Annette in How To Stuff a Wild Bikini
Annette on Hollywood Palace
Annette in Babes in Toyland
Annette the Serial
Annette in Zorro
Annette in Horsemasters
Annette on the Mickey Mouse Club
Annette in Escapade in Florence
Annette in Thunder Alley
Annette in Lots of Luck
Annette in Bikini Beach
Annette in Beach Blanket Bingo
Tribute to Annette



The Oz History Blog
Brian's Drive-In Theater
Annette Connection
A place to listen to Annette's songs
The Beautiful Annette Funicello Yahoo club

Another shout-out to Richard for providing some of the above links. Thanks again, Richard!


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