Annette in Magazines

Robyn Kelly has done an absolutely incredible amount of research to come up with a list of the various magazines that information on Annette has appeared in. With her permission, I have taken that original list and modified it somewhat. The list will include a lot of covers of the magazines that the articles were in.

The name of the article will be included. If there is a P, it indicates that there was only a photo or so. If there is a * by the article, it means that I have the article up on my web site. As I work on this I hope to be adding other articles and more covers. Still, it's Robyn's original work that has made this project possible.

I will be adding pages as I get them so this is NOT a complete list.

A magazines
B magazines
C magazines
Childen's Playmate
D magazines
Disney Channel
Disney News
E magazines
F magazines
G magazines
Globe Magazine
H Magazines
Hit Parader
Hollywood Romances
Hollywood Secrets
Hollywood Teen Album
I Magazines
J Magazines
L Magazines
M Magazines
Modern Screen
Modern Teen
Motion Picture
Movie Life Magazine
Movie Mirror Magazine
Movie Stars Magazine
Movie Stars TV Closeup
Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine
Movie TV Secrets
Movie World
N Magazines
National Enquirer
National Examiner
O Magazines
P Magazines
Q Magazines
R Magazines
S Magazines
Saturday Evening Post
Screen Album
Screen Life
Screen Parade
Screen Stars
Screen Stories
Screen World
Silver Screen
Song Hits
Star Album
Star Teen Time
T Magazines
Teddy Bear Review
Teen Album
Teen Pin-ups
Teen Scrapbook
Teen Screen
Teen Star Album
Teen Time
Teen World
Tiger Beat
Top Teen Stars
TV Guide
TV Life
TV and Movie Album
TV Movie Screen
TV Radio Album
TV Radio Annual
TV Radio Life
TV Radio Mirror
TV Screen Life
TV Screen World
TV Star Annual
TV Star Parade
TV Top Stars
TV Week
TV World
TV Yearbook
V magazines
W Magazines
Walt Disney's Magazine
Y magazines

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