Avril Lavigne

Rock N Roll: A really good song.
Here's To Never Growing Up: Just as good as the first one.
17: Another really good song.
Bitchin' Summer: Still another good song.
Let Me Go: Duet, still another really good song but this one is darker than the others.
Give You What You Like: Ultra-suggestive and quite good.
Bad Girl: Very high-energy like many of the other songs, but I just don't like this one anywhere near as much as the others. Personal taste, I guess.
Hello Kitty: Ultra-cute song.
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet: Another very high energy song. It's rather good
Hello Heartache: To me this is the second-worst song on the album. To many 'la la's' for me.
Falling Fast: A really good song about a girl falling in love.
Hush Hush: I think this may be the saddest song she's yet done, and it is without doubt the best song of that kind that she has done and that most anyone else has ever done.

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