Avril Lavigne

Avril is one of my favorite singers of all. The lyrics to her songs are some of the most empowering lyrics that I think anyhow has done. She seems to be punkish in the way she acts, but she when you listen to what she is actually saying you find her to be basically sort of old-fashioned in the way she regards male/female relations.


Don't Tell Me
Girlfriend Remixes
I'm With You
Losing Grip
Skater Boi
When You're Gone

Regular CDs

Acoustic CD
Avril Lavigne
The Best Damn Thing
Essential Mixes
Let Go
Maximum Avril Lavigne
Under My Skin
Head Above Water


Best Damn Tour
My World
Skater Girl

Magazine Appearances

Maxim, again
Maxim again
Rolling Stone
Seventeen magazine

Misc. You Tube videos

Misc. Videos


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