The Best Damn Tour, Live in Toronto DVD

There are some things that stand out for me about this tour. One is the way Avril really seems to be enjoying what she is doing. Her smile seems genuine, not forced. Also, when she plays an instrument she's not totally comfortable with, such as the drums, and does something good she has cute smile, happy she succeeded.

Another thing is her clothing choice. While many female rock stars dress up ultra-fancy with all sorts of bling, or try to really emphasize their physical assets by wearing very little, Avril just wears basic, attractive but not really revealing clothing. She looks sort of like she could have just come out of going to the store and decided to drop off and do a concert.

There's also a very limited amount of pryotechnics and other things that are all flash but not really necessary. What Avril is presenting is herself, singing the songs which she obviously believes in, and doing her best to entertain the audience. It's a very fresh approach to performing.

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