Don't Tell Me

This CD contains the songs Don't Tell Me, Don't Tell Me acoustic version, Take Me Away, and the video Don't Tell Me.

Don't Tell Me is the story of a girl who is not willing to give up her virginity to some guy that she likes. The guy has been trying to have sex with her without success. He's even laid a guilt trip on her, but she won't allow him to 'mess me up I've done no wrong.'

Consider just how old-fashioned the lyrics of this song are. In a world where sexual mores have changed, this girl is sticking with the much more traditional approach of not just 'giving it away' like other girls might be doing. And the girl is pissed that the guy is acting the way he is towards her.

Take Me Away is a little more difficult to figure out exactly what she is saying. Something has gone wrong in a relationship and whatever it is she's not handling it well.

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