So far she's been on three covers of this magazine. The first is Rocktober 2004.

The article on her is entitled Lean, Mean Avril Lavigne. There are some nice photos of her, all of them pretty modest in nature. It is especially interesting in what she says that guys should treat girls with respect, and to 'Treat girls like princesses, because we are.' She also makes it quite clear that she's not into sex with random strangers, that she needs something deeper than that, something honest and real.

This dove-tails in perfectly with almost all the songs she does, where one of the main themes is for guys to treat women in a decent manner. Her view is actually very old-fashioned in nature (but still quite good). It is amazing that her views are pretty much the exact opposite of those you would expect from someone who presents such a tough image as Avril does. Yet when you read the lyrics to her songs, they are some of the most powerful self-empowerment songs for women that anyone has done.

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