My World DVD/CD

One part of the DVD is her Try To Shut Me Up Tour. She stars off with sk8ter boi. While the song plays there is a video of her doing that, but there is a split-screen video of back stage activities that had already taken place (or were yet to; impossible to tell). The song part is also taken from different performances as her top keeps changing color. She also sings a little flat during parts of the song.

Fuel is the second song done.

Also included are behind-the-scenes features and outtakes

There are also five music videos, including Complicated, I'm With You, Knocking on Heaven's Door, Losing Grip and Sk8er Boi.

The second disc is an audio CD containing the songs Fuel, Basketcase, Unwanted, Sk8ter Boi, Knockin' on Heaven's Door and Why.

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